Al Samer for ceneral cleaning

Ceneral cleaning

Al – Samer Company for General Cleaning and Sterilization was established in 2013 , and since the establishment of the company , We have decided to rely on new and innovative technologies in the field of Cleaning and Sterilization . Our policy is to provide professional and high – quality cleaning services through a group of qualified and specialized staff in completing cleaning tasks and meeting all your needs to the fullest . We also provide a wide range of integrated services of the highest quality standards , including cleaning homes and villas , cleaning carpets , rugs and curtains , cleaning water tanks , and post – finishing cleaning , in addition to sterilization and disinfection against the virus and pest control . We strive to provide our best cleaning and sanitizing services to meet the needs of our customers , the satisfaction of our customers is the proof of our achievements .

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Our Service

Our service :

  • CLEANING AND DISINFECTION OF Water Tanks & Swimming Pool 
  • Cleaning Assistance By The Hour & Contracts
  • Natural Stone Polishing & Protection
  • Selling & Repair Hygiene Equipments
  • Sofa, Carpets & Curtains Cleaning
  • Sterilization And Disinfection
  • Crystal Chandeliers Cleaning
  • Bird And Insect Control
  • Interlock Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Marble Polishing

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Address Details

UAE, Al Ain - Abu Dhabi - Dubai

Phone: +971 37221117 Mobile: +971 506833062

E-mail: Website: Https://

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  • Name Al Samer for ceneral cleaning
  • Founded Samer
  • Legal Entity legally legislated
  • Company Size Middle
  • Employs +4000
  • Phone +971 37221117
  • Mobile +971 506833062
  • E-mail
  • Website Https://
  • Full Address

Opening Hours

Opening form 8am Until 10pm

Janitorial Department : 050 66 56202

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