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Diqa properties company is a private company, one of the real estate investment companies, since its establishment the company has contributed to serving the investors in this field by creating distinct investment opportunities in the real estate sector, diqa properties company has taken upon itself to achieve the highest revenues by investing in various sectors that guarantee its customers sustainable returns by diversifying forms in all real estate sectors such as residential, industrial and commercial. The company is an ideal shareholder due to the experience and broad.

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UAE, Sharjah

Phone: +971 6 566 5999 Mobile: +971 55 667 7226

E-mail: info@aldiqahrealestate.com Website: http://www.aldiqahrealestate.com/

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  • Name Diqah Properties
  • Company Size Middle
  • Phone +971 6 566 5999
  • Mobile +971 55 667 7226
  • E-mail info@aldiqahrealestate.com
  • Website http://www.aldiqahrealestate.com/

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