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Welcome to “Aqaarestates“,we are your first destination for the real estate brokerage market, our company was launched to be the leading real estate brokerage company in its field We serve millions of buyers and suppliers and we are a brokerage company for all those interested in real estate from buying, selling, leasing. Insurance operations, interior design, decoration, furnishing and others in the United Arab Emirates United.

The company entered the real estate market in a short period, but with great experience for many years, and indeed succeeded in entering the list of the best real estate brokerage companies that specialize in real estate on the ground under the title of real estate broker, and we always strive to achieve our first goal, which is to become one of the most important real estate brokerage companies in the world.

“Aqaarestates” provides its clients with real value services based on the belief that every client deserves the best real estate advice and advice to achieve his dream and re-experience with a reassured heart.

We have a team of real estate investment professionals who offer their expertise in different languages to our clients and our real estate agency continues to plan to expand its operations to global markets soon.

Our products :

The most advanced brokerage company puts in your hands advanced and new standards in the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates and furnishing, and provides its services to many segments of the real estate market, including:

1- We provide our services to the commercial and residential sectors.

2- The first real estate broker for all services of buying, selling, leasing and after-sales services such as maintenance, building materials, interior design, furnishing and others, where we guarantee you the required quality of the units you want with the evaluation of prices to be suitable for both parties.

3- Financial mediation between the two parties.

Vision :

To be the first destination for those looking for a reliable real estate broker in the United Arab Emirates.

Our message :

Providing high quality brokerage services in selling, buying, leasing, interior design, influence, and others, achieving customer satisfaction, and creating a reliable and distinguished mediation environment, from which you do not leave until you return to it.

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Mohammed Sultan


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Theyab Mohammed

General Manager

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Rashied Mohammed

Marketing Manager